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There are numerous issues to deal with in commercial real estate transactions. An experienced Massachusetts commercial real estate attorney can make sure no detail is overlooked when you are buying or selling. The law firm of Scheier Katin & Epstein, P.C., in Acton has guided clients through buying, selling and refinancing of multi-family projects, office parks, office condos, and other commercial real estate properties.

Ensure that Every Detail is Accurate and Serves Your Objectives

Commercial real estate deals usually involve a wide range of complex issues. There may be multiple entities involved in the transaction. If there are questions about zoning, environmental issues, existing leases and other issues, you need a commercial real estate lawyer who asks the right questions and gets the answers. Investment property should be purchased only after careful due diligence. Our lawyers understand the needs for immediate action as well as the need to ensure all details are accurate and complete. We work with our clients from the initial negotiations and do much more than simply process paperwork. We ask questions and listen to our clients’ needs and objective. We review loan documentation and make sure that all “due diligence” has been performed.

Lease Agreement Lawyers

Typically, existing leases carry over to the new owner. Lease agreements are often a part of a commercial real estate deal, and must be reviewed. We carefully review the lease obligations you will be assuming and negotiate new leases or lease extensions when appropriate.

We welcome your calls and visits. Tell us about your Massachusetts commercial real estate transaction and about your objectives for the property. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.


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